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The next scheduled meeting will be the Annual Parish Council meeting on Monday 10th May

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Meetings begin at 7.30 pm either by Zoom or in the Lower Room at Corsley Reading Room.

Future Scheduled PC Meetings 2021

Annual Parish Meeting — date to be confirmed
Annual Parish Council meeting — 10th May (election of Chair/Vice Chair
Quarterly meeting — 7th June
Quarterly meeting — 6th September
Quarterly meeting — 6th December

The ad-hoc Occasional Meetings are often held at short notice and will be advertised on the noticeboards around the village.

2021 Documents

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Quarterly versus Occasional Meetings

The Future of the Len White Charity

Purpose of the Charity
The Len White Charity was set up in 1991 by Corsley Parish Council in memory of Len White, a well known and respected resident of the Village. The Parish Councillors are the Trustees and the objects of the Charity are:
(a) To pay the income from the Charity Fund for the benefit of the pupils of Corsley School, in such manner as the Corsley Parish Council think fit or
(b) If Corsley Primary School closes the for the benefit of the children living in Corsley between the ages of five and eleven years for educational purposes as the full Corsley Parish Council shall think fit.

Financial Position
The funds of the Charity are now such that no meaningful income is achievable on the remaining capital and the residue of the accrued income is now at such a low level that only one or two low value grants could be considered. After any final grants, there would be around £1000 capital remaining.

Terms of the Trust
The Trust Deed, in the event of ‘failure of the Trust’, allows the assets of the Trust to be given to ‘...such other charitable institution or institutions having similar objects to those of the Charity as the Trustees shall decide.’ The Trustees believe that exhaustion of the funds available for distribution is tantamount to ‘failure’ and that options for distribution of the remaining capital should be considered.

The Trustees have unable to identify any ‘institutions having similar objects’ with the restrictive direct requirement to serve only the children of Corsley. Instead, consideration has been given to using the remaining capital to assist the funding of a project in Corsley which would serve the needs of children and also provide a lasting memorial to Len WHITE and those who donated to the Fund in 1991. To date, the project which has met with most favour is replacement of the Heath bus stop shelter, which is in poor repair. This would provide long term benefit to Corsley children who use the public bus service and a suitable location for a memorial plaque.

The Trustees have consulted the Charity Commission and Len White's family. The Charity Commission are content for the Trustees to make their judgement in accordance with the Deed provided that they have taken appropriate steps to ensure that suitable advertising has identified no further beneficaries. The family (Mrs Ruth Bowers) have concurred with the proposal to use the remaining capital as indicated above. This notice is intended to fulfil the requirement for ‘suitable advertising’.

Neil Britten
Chairman, Corsley Parish Council/Len White Trustees
01373 832515 or 07810 764714

Corsley Parish Council

Housing Survey

The returns of the supplementary PC questionnaire, intended to elicit views on open market housing need in Corsley, circulated with the Housing Needs survey, had been analysed. 64 responses had been received representing 20% of those distributed. The answers were:

1. Is this your main home?
100% of responses related to main homes.

2. Are you the house-owner?
94% were home-owners, 6% (four, were not)

3. How many people live permanently in the house?
No of occupants Percentage of responses Numbers of each
One 23% 15
Two 42% 27
Three 17% 11
Four 16% 10
Five 2% 1

4. How many bedrooms are there in the house?
No of bedrooms Percentage of responses Numbers of each
One 2% 1
Two 14% 9
Three 31% 20
Four 31% 20
Five 20% 13
Six 2% 1

5. Are you looking to downsize?
16% Yes and 84% No. Of the yes category (ten), three were ‘possibly’ in the near future.

6. Would you move to a smaller house (2 bedrooms or less) or a bungalow if one were available to buy in Corsley?
22% Yes, 78% No. From the other answers, notably Q8, the reason for the high number of ‘No’ answers could be a combination of perceived expense houses in Corsley, plus lack of availability and services.

7. Do you have any family members in need who have been unable to purchase houses in Corsley?
11% had family members likely to need accommodation, 89% had not. Of the 11% (4 responses), two were likely future need, the others unspecified.

8. Do you know of other reasons associated with the availability of appropriate housing that prevent people from living in Corsley? If so please state.
64% responded Yes, 36% No. Of the 64% the reasons included lack of a school, no shops or post office, poor bus service, A362 traffic, cost of housing in Corsley.

9. Whatever your needs, would you be in favour of more small (2/3 bed ) houses, or bungalows, being built in Corsley to enable young families to live in the Village? Please state preference for 2/3 bed, house or bungalow.
89% responded Yes, 20% No. The general preference was vey much 2/3 bed starter type and bungalows, with a small number, just three, mentioning bungalows for the elderly.

10. If you support development, would you rather see:
a. A large development at one site
23% Yes and 77% No. There were two references to Sturford and one to the OSPF as potential sites.
b. Smaller developments across the Village
66% Yes and 34% No. Of the Yes responses, several were site dependent, without any specific location preference.

Although 80% of the electors canvassed did not respond, which suggests that a large majority are uninterested in Corsley housing, Wiltshire regard a return of 20% sufficient for valid conclusions to be drawn. Of the returns, three responses stand out, question 6 which suggests that there is little interest in downsizing to smaller accommodation in Corsley, and questions 9 and 10 which showed support for further development in Corsley of small dwellings spread around the village. The results will be held as basis for judgement of any future housing proposals for Corsley.

Neil Britten
01373 832515/07810 764714

Planning Applications

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