Corsley Parish Council at work

Meetings are held bi-monthly; the next scheduled meeting will be Monday 6th November

What time and where...

Meetings begin at 7 pm in the Lower Room at Corsley Reading Room.

The ad-hoc Occasional Meetings are often held at short notice and will be advertised on the noticeboards around the village.

Corsley Parish Council members


Neil Carpenter (Corsley War Memorial Playing Field Rep)

Vice Chair
John Phillips

Streetscene — David Ball

Planning — Olly Hares

Rights of Way/Planning — Alice Helliar

Ruth Massey

Rights of Way — Lavinia Mitchell

Judith Selman

John White

Clerk to the Council

John Willcox

Click on the image below to view the Certificate of Exemption 2022/23.

Quarterly versus Occasional Meetings
Planning Applications

View planning applications and their status
Planning Applications on the Wiltshire Council website