• View of Corsley from Cley Hill View from the hill
    The manor of Whitbourne was sold in 1544, on the dissolution of the Monastery of Maiden Bradley, together with lands in Bugley and Corsley, also belonging to the Monastery, to Richard Andrewes and John Howe for the sum of £1,094.
  • Maple leaves in Dertford Woods, CorsleyMaple leaves in Dertford Woods, Corsley
  • Panorama of Corsley Panorama of Corsley
    Dominating the local skyline, a walk up Cley Hill will reward you with some magnificent views for miles around!
  • Sheep and lambs in CorsleySheep and lambs in Corsley
  • Sunset over Lane End, Corsley Sunset over Lane End
    Lane End is one of the seven hamlets that, by the Middle Ages, Corsley had been divided into: Longhedge, Lyes Green, Corsley Heath and three Whitbournes. Corsley was unified after the Reformation when it was gradually acquired by the Thynnes. In turn they bought the three Whitbournes, Bugley, Corsley Manor, Huntenhall and Little Corsley. The name Corsley is obscure, but probably comes from the Old British ‘Cors’ meaning reeds or a swamp.
  • Spider's web with dew dropsSpider's web with dew drops
  • Corsley ManorCorsley Manor
    Manor Farm, Corsley is a fine example of a grade II* Elizabethan manor house. In 1539, the manor of Corsley was granted to Edward Seymour who leased it to his steward, John Thynne. Eventually, Thynne was granted the manor and lived at the present Manor Farm from 1563 to 1568 whilst building Longleat House. The Manor celebrated it's 450th birthday in 2013 with a lavish luncheon for all the villagers.
  • Clouds over CorsleyClouds over Corsley
  • St Margaret's Church, Corsley St Margaret's Church
    Originally named St. James's Chapel and built before the thirteenth century, it was changed to St. Margaret of Antioch's Church in 1786. By 1830 the original church was in a very poor state of repair and too small for the parish. A new church was designed by John Leachman and whilst the re-building was in progress, services were held in John Ball's malthouse. The new church consisted of just a nave and tower — there's no chancel. Inside, the pulpit survives from the old church and dates from c1700.
  • Meadows between Corsley and ChapmansladeMeadows between Corsley and Chapmanslade
  • View of Dertford and Lane End from Dertford WoodAONB and SLA
    Corsley stands within the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Outlying parts of the village not covered by the AONB are in a Special Lansdscape Area spreading from Corsley Heath across to Chapmanslade Ridge.
  • Cley Hill from CorsleyCley Hill from Corsley
  • Dairy herd grazing at CorsleyFarming
    Sitting on a fertile mix of clay and sandy soil, the farmland surrounding Corsley makes ideal grazing for both dairy and beef herds.
  • Flooding at Redford Water fordFlooding at Redford Water ford
  • St Mary's Church, CorsleySt Mary's Church
    In 1899 Mary Barton, of Corsley House, died and left £10,000 in her will for the purchase of a piece of land at Whitbourne Temple. She wanted an Anglican ‘chapel of ease’ built in memory of her husband and son. Opened in 1903, W H Stanley of Trowbridge designed the chapel in the Arts and Crafts gothic style – the interior retains many of it's original fittings.
  • Trees on the A362 at CorsleyTrees on the A362, Corsley
  • Cley Hill Cley Hill
    A scheduled ancient monument and declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1975 and rising some 80m above the surrounding land, Cley Hill is home to many plant and animal species having a nationally restricted distribution (a bit rare!). Covering more than 65 acres it is also significant for its geology and archaeology: formed by ancient seas it has been shaped by man from prehistoric times right through to the 19th century when it was quarried for its chalk.
  • Down the lane to Corsley MillDown the lane to Corsley Mill
  • Cley Hill Cley Hill
    A scheduled ancient monument and declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1975 and rising some 80m above the surrounding land, Cley Hill is home to many plant and animal species having a nationally restricted distribution (a bit rare!). Covering more than 65 acres it is also significant for its geology and archaeology: formed by ancient seas it has been shaped by man from prehistoric times right through to the 19th century when it was quarried for its chalk.

10th JULY 2020

Application to vary a premises licence for the White Hart public house, Lane End

Corsley PC has received notification of an application by Adelle Gill to vary the conditions of the licence at the White Hart public house, Lane End.

The variation includes the following:
Live music, indoors
  • Seven days per week — 5pm to midnight
  • Bank holidays — 1pm to midnght
  • New Year's Eve — all night from the permitted hours, i.e. midnight, until the permitted start time on New Year's day, i.e. 5pm.
Recorded music, indoors
  • Seven days per week — 8.30am to midnight
  • New Year's Eve — all night from the permitted hours, i.e. midnight, until the permitted start time on New Year's Day, i.e. 8.30am.
Performance of dance (location unspecified)
  • New year's Eve, 5pm to midnight.
Take away service, indoors and outdoors
  • Seven days a week — 11pm to midnight.
Extension of hours for the supply of alcohol
  • Seven days a week — 10pm to midnight
  • New Year's Eve from end of permitted hours until start of same on New Year's Day.
Opening hours New Year's Eve
  • 8.30am until 8.30am on New Year's Day.
A sketch plan of the pub and its outdoor arrangements (provided by the applicant) is shown at the bottom of this article, showing the seating areas, car parking and indicating a potential area for music, though this contradicts the application form which indicates only indoor music. No indication is provided of outdoor takeaway facilities.

Existing Licence
The existing licence is very straightforward:
Supply of alcohol on the premises
  • 12 noon — 11pm, seven days per week.
Opening hours
  • 8.30am — 11pm seven days per week
  • Performance of amplified live music between 8am and 11pm on any day on premises authorised to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, provided that the audience does not exceed 500.
  • Any playing of recorded music between 8am and 11pm on any day on premises authorised to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises, provided that the audience does not exceed 500.
It should be noted that no licence permission is required for the performance of unamplified live music between 8am and 11pm on any day, on any premises.

Representations may be provided, in writing, clearly stating the reasons for objection which must relate to at least one of the four licensing objectives:
  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • Protection of children from harm
The name and address of the person making the representation must be included and the comments may only refer to the variation and not the existing licence.

The Parish Council will be giving consideration to making its own representation and, if necessary, holding an online meeting to agree the content. Any member of the village on the electoral roll over the age of 18 is invited to offer written comments to the Parish Council, to the Parish Clerk, via email corsleypc_jdw@aol.co.uk, by 30th June.

Alternatively, individual comments may be sent directly to the Licensing Authority at Wiltshire Council to arrive by 10th July.

This note has been delivered to all residents of Lane End within a 400 metre radius of the White Hart and will be posted on the village noticeboards.

White Hart, Corsley Licence Variation Application Neil Britten
Chairman, Corsley Parish Council
01373 832515
07810 764714

Wiltshire.gov.uk update

COVID‐19 — Regional testing sites

Drive‐through coronavirus testing facilities are now open at the Beehive Park & Ride, Salisbury and the Wroughton Park & Ride, Swindon as part of the Government's UK‐wide work to increase testing.

Anyone experiencing a new, continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of or change in their normal sense of smell or taste, can book an appointment on the NHS website to be tested for whether they currently have coronavirus. Essential workers can book a test on the GOV.UK Essential Worker Self‐Referral Portal.

The testing facilities in Salisbury and Swindon, which are being piloted for the first few days of operation, are operated in partnership with Sodexo and will offer assisted and self‐administered tests. Those tested will receive their results within a few days.

In addition to the regional test sites, 116 mobile testing units operated by the Armed Forces travel around the UK to further increase access to coronavirus testing. They respond to need, travelling to test at sites including care homes, police stations and prisons. New units are being brought into operation each day.

The Government has also set up a home‐testing service, supported by Amazon's logistics network and other commercial partners. Home test kits can be delivered to your door so you can test yourself and your family without leaving the house.

To book a test:
Visit the NHS test booking website: nhs.uk

NHS online services
The NHS has created a ‘Health at Home’ campaign which signposts the public to the information they need to contact their GP, order repeat prescriptions, manage their wellbeing and existing conditions, by accessing online services.

Further information can be found at: www.nhs.uk/health-at-home

Corsley Parish Council

There have been no online/email PC meetings in the past month but one or two routine administrative matters have been dealt with and two planning applications received.

New planning applications
20/03523/FUL & 20/0404/LBC
Proposed change use of office suite to studio space and estate worker's flat at Corsley House, Deep Lane.

This application proposes conversion and change of use of part of an existing single storey outbuilding, separate from the main house. The external appearance of the building would be unchanged, with three existing access stable type doors fixed shut. The supporting documents for both applications are identical.
The deadline for comments is 19th June and the documents are available on the Wiltshire planning website. Notice of these two applications has been placed on the two Village noticeboards and public comments are invited, to be forwarded to the PC Clerk or placed directly on the Wiltshire Planning website. The PC will collate it own comments through email exchange.

It is very evident that the excellent network of public footpaths and bridleways in and around Corsley have been very well used and enjoyed during the weeks of COVID-19 lockdown. The sunny weather has allowed unprecedented, almost continuous, access and the annual springtime burst of flowering and greening of trees, hedges and fields has been a wonderful antidote to the strictures of lockdown.Gill Parkinson, the PC Footpaths representative, has asked that I raise a couple of issues which are both worth bearing in mind when enjoying the local footpaths.

The first is that of respect, both to the landowners through whose properties the paths pass and to others using the paths during this period of social distancing. Most paths are easily followed over stiles and routes marked by the passage of many feet, others are less so and often unofficial routes are created. The latter are tolerated and we are very lucky to have very wide access the Longleat woods around Corsley along routes which are certainly not public rights of way. Such access should not be taken for granted and the freedom not abused. It is also key to this tolerance that livestock, crops and field boundaries are not disturbed or damaged. Unruly dogs off the lead are a particular nightmare for farmers.

The second issue also relates to dogs. Poo bags are regarded as a necessary adjunct to dog walking nowadays and have their place where there is heavy human traffic and habitation, particularly where children play. However, there seems to be a widespread belief that used bags can be left hanging on stiles, hedges, banks, etc. Please take them home to dispose of them.

A362 road safety improvements at the Heath
The details of this project were included in last moths brief and we have now received notice that the current plan is for the work to start on 25th June, with an expected duration of two weeks. The precise details of interruptions to access and road closure have not yet been published but will be put on The Bridge website as soon as it's known

Dates of next meetings (as currently planned)
Quarterly Meeting —7th September (pending)
Quarterly Meeting —7th December
(all meetings begin at 7.30pm in the Lower Room at Corsley Reading Room)

Neil Britten
01373 832515
07810 764714

What's on at the Cross Keys?

Cross Keys Corsley - Bakery Cross Keys Corsley - Meat Cross Keys Corsley - Vegetables Cross Keys Corsley - Gelato Cross Keys Corsley - Milk Station Cross Keys Corsley - Takeaways Cross Keys Corsley - Pop-Up Shop

Visit the Corsley Cross Keys website for full details of what's on offer!

Asda Volunteer Shopping Card

Making tough times a little bit easier...

Not being able to get to the shops for your essentials is hard. Especially in the current situation. Asda have created the Volunteer Shopping Card, the cashless ‐ and less stressful ‐ way for people to help get the shopping in.

Ideal for those who might be self‐isolating, older or medically vulnerable, the Volunteer Shopping Card provides a contactless, safe and secure way to allow others to shop for them.

If you have to stay at home, the Volunteer Shopping Card can be used to:
  • buy online
  • send to your volunteer or print and leave for them in a safe place
  • stay secure ‐ no bank or credit card details are exchanged
  • be safer as you're not handing over cash
  • can be topped with extra funds online
If you're volunteering the Volunteer Shopping Card is ideal because:
  • you're not exchanging cash
  • you're still able to help, whilst minimising risk for you both
  • you don't need to know the person's bank or credit card details
  • you can use the card contactlessly in‐store using a barcode
How it works:
  • The Volunteer Shopping Card can be bought easily online
  • It can then be emailed to the volunteer or printed out and left in a safe place for the volunteer to pick up
  • The volunteer then shops using the card, makes the payment using the barcode in store, and leaves the shopping in a safe place
Buy your Volunteer Shopping Card here...

Corsley Coronavirus Community Support Group

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the setting up of the support group

Especially to Alice Helliar, Bryan Garwood, Di Britten, Johanna Trickett, Rachel Hanney, Rupert Tolson and Trevor Scott.

A big thank you to John and Joanna Hume from The Cross Keys who have managed to put together some wonderful hampers and already provided residents of Corsley and Chapmanslade with some essential items. Suppliers have proved difficult to source in these uncertain times but so far so good and we have a steady supply in place.

The Cross Keys HUB is also open to residents of Chapmanslade to order food, toiletries and essentials. Like us, they have a growing support network of over 30 volunteers who can collect direct from the hub and deliver to those in need.

The hub is running completely contactless. Orders to be taken and paid for over the phone; a nominated volunteer will collect your order and deliver to your doorstep without any need for contact. Stock and availability is subject to change daily. Please call 832406 to place an order!

We are also offering a prescription collection service. Call the Cross Keys HUB and they will assign a volunteer to collect and deliver to your doorstep, again, contactless.

We have been recognised by Wiltshire Council COVID Support Hub and will be working alongside them to ensure all guidelines are followed. We are currently awaiting an update from offering our established group of volunteers and store for supplies for our most vulnerable members of the community but expect a food drop for the vulnerable imminently.

We have also been on the BBC News! Well done to Rupert Tolson for being our spokesman and sharing all our wonderful efforts.

If you are able to help deliver food, pick up prescriptions, be a ‘buddy’ for a nearby neighbour or provide essential IT support, please get in touch ASAP and fill out the form that can be found by clicking this link

A reminder that if you are experiencing any symptoms or need medical guidance, to contact 111 or 999 in an emergency.

The Cross Keys Central Hub

Corsley Coronavirus Support

We can provide support to the residents
of Corsley with basic food supplies, prescription collections or just a friendly phone call if needed

Please phone us if you require help...

01373 832406

For complete, up‐to‐date information on what's available at the HUB, click the link below to visit the website

No one in our community should be left to face isolation alone

Who can I contact?
If the HUB number is busy, please call
  • Jo Trickett 07866 662126
  • Rachel Hanney 01373 832035
  • Bryan Garwood 07485 125631
  • Alice Helliar 07989 339632

Coronavirus is highly contagious
Please take every precaution to ensure the only thing you spread is kindness!

Wiltshire Council recycling
has changed!

What can go in my black box?
Glass bottles, jars and textiles should go in the black box. Bottle and jar lids can be left on, and clean and dry textiles (clothes, pairs of shoes, curtains, sheets and blankets) should be bagged, tied and put in the black box. Please do not place textiles in black refuse sack. Wet or dirty textiles can't be collected.

What can go in my blue-lidded bin?
Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, cartons, cans, aerosols, foil, paper and carboard into your blue-lidded bin. Unfortunately, we can't collect black plastic and plastic films. To make more space and avoid contamination, please wash and squash your recycling and ensure all containers are empty and clean. Find out more here: http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/recycling.

To find out more about the updated recycling scheme, visit the Wiltshire Council website

Wiltshire Council

Highways Newsletter
March 2020

Wiltshire Council Highways Newsletter March 2020

Each month, Wiltshire Councillor Bridget Wayman, the Cabinet member for Highways and Waste, produces a comprehensive newsletter with a plethora of useful information about the responsibilities and activities of the Highways and Streetscene.

Download or view a pdf of the newsletter here

Reporting grounds, cleaning and local highway issues to Wiltshire Council

To ensure issues are addressed it is vital that reports are made through the ‘MyWiltshire’ system – accessed either by: If using the website or Apps, you can upload a photograph for a more immediate and accurate assessment of the priority need.

What can I report?

  • Bus shelters
  • Car parks
  • Council furniture and signs
  • Dead animal in the road or on the verge
  • Dog mess
  • Flooding
  • Fly-posting
  • Fly-tipping
  • Footpaths (pavements) and kerbs
  • Graffiti
  • Grass, weeds, hedges and shrubs
  • Materials on road
  • Mud on road

  • Needles and syringes
  • Oil/debris on the road
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Playgrounds
  • Potholes
  • Public toilets
  • Public litter bins
  • Public right of way
  • Roads, drains and manholes
  • Salt bins
  • Street lighting
  • Street litter and sweeping
  • Traffic lights
  • Trees

These services now depend entirely upon active reporting and follow-up

Don't expect things to be fixed
if YOU don't report it!

Takeaways from the Cross Keys

Fancy a change from home cooking? Need to satisfy the urge for a takeway?

Give the Cross Keys HUB a ring on 01373 832406 to book yours...

Wednesdays 6 to 8pm
Pie, Chips & gravy £10
Steak and ale
Beef and blue cheese
Chicken and leak
Mushroom and chestnut
Spinach, truffle and mushroom

Fridays 6 to 8pm
Fish and Chips
Sausage and Chips
Pie and chips
Mushy peas
Chip shop curry sauce
Adults £10, children £5

Visit the Cross Keys website for full details

Rubbish and recycling collections

June 2020

█ Black box recycling (glass)
Wednesday 3rd and 17th
█ Black bin
Friday 5th and 19th
█ Garden waste (green)
Wednesday 10th and 24th
█ Mixed dry recycling (blue)
Wednesday 3rd and 17th
Visit Wiltshire Council for more information on what you can now recycle in your blue-lidded bin.

Corsley Community Wildflower Meadow

Corsley Wildflower Meadow

If you'd like to help out maintaining the wildflower meadow at the Old School Playing Field, please contact either Chris or Judith:

Chris Johnson
mobile 07885 695534

Judith Selman
mobile 07746 119418

or connect via Facebook at
Corsley Wildflower Meadow Group

They'd love to hear from you!

Corsley Tennis Club