• View of Corsley from Cley Hill View from the hill
    The manor of Whitbourne was sold in 1544, on the dissolution of the Monastery of Maiden Bradley, together with lands in Bugley and Corsley, also belonging to the Monastery, to Richard Andrewes and John Howe for the sum of £1,094.
  • Maple leaves in Dertford Woods, CorsleyMaple leaves in Dertford Woods, Corsley
  • Panorama of Corsley Panorama of Corsley
    Dominating the local skyline, a walk up Cley Hill will reward you with some magnificent views for miles around!
  • Sheep and lambs in CorsleySheep and lambs in Corsley
  • Sunset over Lane End, Corsley Sunset over Lane End
    Lane End is one of the seven hamlets that, by the Middle Ages, Corsley had been divided into: Longhedge, Lyes Green, Corsley Heath and three Whitbournes. Corsley was unified after the Reformation when it was gradually acquired by the Thynnes. In turn they bought the three Whitbournes, Bugley, Corsley Manor, Huntenhall and Little Corsley. The name Corsley is obscure, but probably comes from the Old British ‘Cors’ meaning reeds or a swamp.
  • Spider's web with dew dropsSpider's web with dew drops
  • Corsley ManorCorsley Manor
    Manor Farm, Corsley is a fine example of a grade II* Elizabethan manor house. In 1539, the manor of Corsley was granted to Edward Seymour who leased it to his steward, John Thynne. Eventually, Thynne was granted the manor and lived at the present Manor Farm from 1563 to 1568 whilst building Longleat House. The Manor celebrated it's 450th birthday in 2013 with a lavish luncheon for all the villagers.
  • Clouds over CorsleyClouds over Corsley
  • St Margaret's Church, Corsley St Margaret's Church
    Originally named St. James's Chapel and built before the thirteenth century, it was changed to St. Margaret of Antioch's Church in 1786. By 1830 the original church was in a very poor state of repair and too small for the parish. A new church was designed by John Leachman and whilst the re-building was in progress, services were held in John Ball's malthouse. The new church consisted of just a nave and tower — there's no chancel. Inside, the pulpit survives from the old church and dates from c1700.
  • Meadows between Corsley and ChapmansladeMeadows between Corsley and Chapmanslade
  • View of Dertford and Lane End from Dertford WoodAONB and SLA
    Corsley stands within the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Outlying parts of the village not covered by the AONB are in a Special Lansdscape Area spreading from Corsley Heath across to Chapmanslade Ridge.
  • Cley Hill from CorsleyCley Hill from Corsley
  • Dairy herd grazing at CorsleyFarming
    Sitting on a fertile mix of clay and sandy soil, the farmland surrounding the village makes ideal grazing for both dairy and beef herds.
  • Flooding at Redford Water fordFlooding at Redford Water ford
  • St Mary's Church, CorsleySt Mary's Church
    In 1899 Mary Barton, of Corsley House, died and left £10,000 in her will for the purchase of a piece of land at Whitbourne Temple. She wanted an Anglican ‘chapel of ease’ built in memory of her husband and son. Opened in 1903, W H Stanley of Trowbridge designed the chapel in the Arts and Crafts gothic style – the interior retains many of it's original fittings.
  • Trees on the A362 at CorsleyTrees on the A362, Corsley
  • Cley Hill Cley Hill
    A scheduled ancient monument and declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1975 and rising some 80m above the surrounding land, the hill is home to many plant and animal species having a nationally restricted distribution (a bit rare!). Covering more than 65 acres it is also significant for it's geology and archaeology: formed by ancient seas it has been shaped by man from prehistoric times right through to the 19th century when it was quarried for it's chalk.
  • Down the lane to Corsley MillDown the lane to Corsley Mill
  • Cley Hill Cley Hill
    A scheduled ancient monument and declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1975 and rising some 80m above the surrounding land, the hill is home to many plant and animal species having a nationally restricted distribution (a bit rare!). Covering more than 65 acres it is also significant for it's geology and archaeology: formed by ancient seas it has been shaped by man from prehistoric times right through to the 19th century when it was quarried for it's chalk.

The Litter Pickers are no more...

It is with regret that, due to lack of any volunteers stepping forward to act as contact/organiser for the Corsley Litter Pickers, Cath Aylesbury has decided to hang up her picker and hi‐viz jacket after 10 years of sterling service to the village. The Corsley Litter Pickers are therefore no longer meeting for their monthly, hour‐long clean‐up of our village.

If you feel inclined to take up the reigns, please contact the Editor.

coffee morning

Corsley and Chapmanslade Churches

Coffee Morning

Saturday 18th November
10am – 12 noon
47 High Street, Chapmanslade

Hosted by Sue and Andy Fear

Corsley Show
Annual General Meeting

7.30 pm, Thursday 23rd November
Corsley Reading Room ‐ Main Hall

What a lovely day we had!

We had a bumper Bank Holiday Show this year. Thank you to all those who helped and came along on a record‐breaking good‐weather day. We have put money aside for donations but our main focus is to put on a great show for our Centenary in 2018, an opportunity for local groups to have a stall and make money for themselves, as many did this year.

The Corsley Show Charitable Trust has been established which means we do not have to make donations all in one fell swoop once a year. The nitty gritty will be discussed at our AGM, Details of how to make applications for donations will be publicised in The Bridge magazine after that.

In the meantime, we have a few items of lost property: 1 bracelet; 3 water bottles; 1 2/3yr-old hoodie; 1 pair sunglasses; 1 sunglasses case, 1 cuddly toy and 1 Pokeman baseball cap. I am happy to say we found a home for some car keys, a mobile phone and a rucksack!

The accounts for the 2017 Show are now available here. Those members attending the AGM are asked to bring a copy with them if possible. Those members whose email addresses we have will have received a copy via email.

For more information ring Jenny Rutty 01373 832418

Corsley Festival Choir - A Ceremony of Carols

Lorry Watch

The 18 tonne weight limit on the A362

Proposed weight limits in Western Wiltshire and the A303/A350 junction

The proposed weight limits for Corsley, Maiden Bradley and Chapmanslade are environmental weight limits. As a direct consequence of implementing these environmental weight limits, the council's consultants forecast an increase in right turning HGV movements at the A303/A350 junction. Without significant improvements here the increase in HGV movements would have a detrimental impact on road safety.

The Government has a long term commitment to creating a new Expressway to the South West. The A303/A350 junction falls within the section between Chicklade Bottom to Mere. The long term proposal for this section includes a combination of on-line and off-line widening to create a dual carriageway throughout the section and includes a bypass around Chicklade and a grade‐separated interchange would be introduced at the A350.

At a time when resources are under increasing pressure it would seem profligate to spend public funds on design, land acquisition and implementation knowing that there was a commitment for a more comprehensive scheme at the A303/A350 junction. Highways England will soon be considering potential improvements for the next round of the Road Improvement Strategy. During the consultation process the council has highlighted the wider importance of improvements to the A303/A350 junction.

Chapmanslade Parish Council has asked for a 7.5T weight limit to be implemented ahead of other weight limits in Western Wiltshire (ie Maiden Bradley and Corsley Heath). Our response hasn't changed and remains that due to the likely re-assignment of HGV traffic, a 7.5 tonne weight limit for Chapmanslade is likely to increase the HGV traffic through Maiden Bradley and/or Corsley Heath, both of which have similar issues with HGVs as Chapmanslade. Therefore, a weight limit that is made in isolation in Chapmanslade (or indeed either of the other two aforementioned settlements) is considered to be inappropriate.

Excerpt from Wiltshire Council email

The 40mph speed limit in Corsley Heath

In relation to your suggestion for a lower speed limit on the A362 at Corsely Heath I can advise that in October 2009 DfT Circular 01/06 'Setting Local Speed Limits' was adopted as the basis for the Council's speed limit strategy. The circular requested that Highway Authorities complete an assessment of existing speed limits on 'A' and 'B' Class roads and implement any amendments by 2011.

The review of speed limits was completed in late 2009 and the findings of the review were circulated to all Parish Councils in December 2009 in the form of a CD entitled 'peed limit review A and B class roads'. The A362 at Corsley Heath was assessed as part of this review and the existing 40 mph limit was confirmed to be correct and appropriate. The assessment sheet for the A362 is attached for information.

It should be noted that Circular 01/06 was superseded in January 2013 by Circular 01/2013, however the criteria for 30 and 40mph limits remains unchanged.

I would advise that it has previously been agreed by the Council that speed limits on 'A' and 'B' class roads would not be subject to re‐review unless substantive environmental change, such as new frontage development, has occurred. Unless changes have occurred on the A362 since the review the council would be unable to consider the reduction of the speed limit through Corsley Heath to a 30mph as requested.

I accept this was probably not the response the PC were wishing for but I hope the above information is of use to you.

Wiltshire Council lorry watch scheme — briefing note

Reference: telecon Jasper/Hutchinson (7th September 2017)

Mr Hutchinson is the Senior Trading Standards Officer for Wiltshire Council responsible for the Lorry Watch Scheme. The official scheme works as follows:
*Can lead to prosecution at this stage.
The vehicle registration numbers (VRN) are put through the Police IT interface with the DVLA and currently this is an issue. They only have sufficient capacity to cater for the existing official schemes. The police have been looking for a volunteer to input the data for all the schemes in Wiltshire for over a year. Unsurprisingly one has not been forthcoming, it is a considerable amount of work and needs an individual to be employed to carry out the task.

Corsley Lorry Watch will be submitting their sightings in a pilot scheme to establish access to the official scheme. Separately, the Parish Council need to apply to the Police and Crime Commissioner for resolution of the data input issue. This is a resource issue and will not be straightforward.

Simon Jasper
Corlsey Parish Council (Streetscene)

Even more homes in Corsley now able to receive superfast broadband!

Latest news

28th October
The Court Lane area (Lyes Green) are now able to order high‐speed broadband. This triangular area, two sides of which being Court Lane, is now live. This is the first deployment of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) in the village. This technology is also under consideration for some other areas of the parish with speeds of up to 300Mbps being achievable.

The cabinet at Deep Lane has, once again, been delayed. More news on progress is expected w/c 30th October.

16th October
The cabinet at St Margaret's church has now been installed. It is in the latter stages of commissioning along with updates at the exchange. It is expected that orders will start to be taken around the end of October.

For local updates visit Corsley Broadband Project

Reporting grounds, cleaning and local highway issues to Wiltshire Council

To ensure issues are addressed it is vital that reports are made through the ‘MyWiltshire’ system – accessed either by: If using the website or Apps, you can upload a photograph for a more immediate and accurate assessment of the priority need.

What can I report?

  • Bus shelters
  • Car parks
  • Council furniture and signs
  • Dead animal in the road or on the verge
  • Dog mess
  • Flooding
  • Fly-posting
  • Fly-tipping
  • Footpaths (pavements) and kerbs
  • Graffiti
  • Grass, weeds, hedges and shrubs
  • Materials on road
  • Mud on road

  • Needles and syringes
  • Oil/debris on the road
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Playgrounds
  • Potholes
  • Public toilets
  • Public litter bins
  • Public right of way
  • Roads, drains and manholes
  • Salt bins
  • Street lighting
  • Street litter and sweeping
  • Traffic lights
  • Trees

These services now depend entirely upon active reporting and follow-up

Don't expect things to be fixed
if YOU don't report it!

Want to find out about roadworks?

Click here and choose ‘Interactive Roadworks Map’ to view the current status of all roadworks being carried out by the Council and the utility companies (e.g. gas, electricity, water).



  • Saturday 4th

  • Fun Quiz ‐ 7 for 7.30 pm start, Chapmanslade Village Hall

  • Sunday 5th

  • Bulb planting in Chapmanslade
    meet at 11 am at the village hall

  • Tuesday 7th

  • Village Coffee Morning ‐ 10 am ‐ 12.00 noon, Corsley Reading Room

  • Wednesday 8th

  • Corsley Reading Room AGM ‐ 7.30pm Corsley Reading Room

  • Thursday 9th

  • Corsley WI ‐ 2.30 pm, Corsley Reading Room, ‘All Wrapped Up For Christmas’,
    a demonstration by Annie Campbell

  • Corsley Memorial Playing Field AGM
    7.30 pm, Cross Keys (back room)

  • Corsley Cricket Club AGM ‐ 8 pm,
    Cross Keys (back room)

  • Thursday 16th

  • Church and Community Coffee Morning ‐ 10 am ‐ 12 noon, Three Horseshoes Chapmanslade

  • Chapmanslade Parish Council ‐ 7.30 pm, Chapmanslade Village Hall. Followed at 7.30 pm by a presentation and discussion on the Village Questionnaire

  • Cinema Corsley ‐ ‘Their Finest’
    7 for 7.30 pm, Corsley Reading Room

  • Saturday 18th

  • Corsley and Chapmanslade Churches ‐ Autumn Coffee Morning ‐ 10 am ‐ 12 noon,
    47 High Street, Chapmanslade

  • Monday 20th

  • Deadline for ordering heating oil through Community First

  • Wednesday 22nd

  • Lite Bites lunch ‐ 12.30 pm,
    Corsley Reading Room

  • Thursday 23rd

  • Corsley Show AGM ‐ 7.30 pm,
    Corsley Reading Room

  • Ladies’ Social Evening ‐ 8 pm onwards
    at the Royal Oak, Corsley

  • Saturday 25th

  • Corsley and Chapmanslade Churches Coffee Morning

  • Sunday 26th

  • Pub Quiz ‐ 6 pm, Cross Keys, Corsley

  • Thursday 30th

  • Christmas Wreath Making Evening
    7.30 pm, Chapmanslade Village Hall

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Wiltshire Council Parish Newsletter

Parish Newsletter

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Download a pdf of the weekly Parish Newsletter to keep up-to-date with all the latest news, consultations and information from Wiltshire Council.

Rubbish and recycling collections

November 2017

█ Black box recycling
Thursdays 9th and 23rd
█ Black bin
Fridays 10th and 24th
█ Garden waste (chargeable)
Wednesdays 1st, 15th and 29th
█ Blue bin
Fridays 3rd and 17th

Wiltshire Council Mobile Library

Fortnightly on Wednesdays
from 1.30 to 2.30 pm
at Chapmanslade School

Wednesday 22nd November
Wednesday 6th December
Wednesday 20th December

Wednesday 3rd January
Wednesday 17th January
Wednesday 31st January
Wednesday 14th February
Wednesday 28th February

Please note that the Mobile Library
no longer stops in Corsley